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#5 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2017
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great idea, though a bit much for recruiter's who may need reams of info for quick review BUT could be awesome for more detailed screening BUT not sure at that point how it improves on review of a resume unless users add content way beyond the resume SO it would be cool to make templates for common screen questions (e.g. "tell me about your most recent project and...")
@passingnotes I agree with what you say David. This might not be the best way when a recruiter is going through hundreds of resume and has a few seconds to skim through. I feel chat based resume make more sense when you want to convey more than what you'd do in a resume. And it will be completely upto the person how he designs the chat flow. Think of designers, artists, creators, photographers who have personal websites right now to showcase their work and personality. A chat based conversation would make the whole process more engaging.
@jindalish right, also hearing of use cases where candidates talk to ats system bots to query for status updates on their applications...bots need to talk to bots, right? or is that the singularity?
@passingnotes that should be possible with a simple API integration where we can fetch the data dynamically from ATS based on user response.
Hey everyone! We feel that Resumes in their current form have grown staid. The standard, one-page document listing out all your achievements is boring. Now that is not to say that it does not have its benefits. The medium is easy for recruiters to quickly skim through hundreds of resumes at a time. But what about when someone seeks you out? When someone lands on your personal page? Wants to hire you for a speaking gig or to freelance? Resumes don't have to be boring then. Such interactions are the ideal way to convey your personality and experiences in a more personal setting. And we have made an attempt to see how this can be made engaging over an automated chat. Would love to have your feedback and suggestions.
Interesting idea. This can add much more engagement into the process
@csaba_kissi Thanks Csaba! Yes, that's the idea.
looks cool.... even if it a bit lengthy to go through... is there a cost for someone like myself to create such a presentation of my career/path/experience?
@exlemor Hey Emmanuel - we have a free plan as well wherein you can create something similar for zero cost. You can sign up here and get started