Resource Planning Guide - by Productive

A free guide to resource planning for agencies

Productive’s Resource Planning Guide is the first in our series of need to know stuff for agencies. This book is focused on planning and growth. You will learn what resource planning is and how to approach this complex issue that many agencies struggle with.

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Jan from Productive here. We’re launching our first guide in the series of need to know stuff for agencies. If you’re running a software development agency, marketing agency, design studio or a consultancy (basically any business that deals with planning and logging hours), you should definitely read our Resource Planning Guide for Agencies. Agencies of all sizes from around the world use Productive to manage everything from Sales, Budgeting, Time tracking, Project management, Resource planning to Invoicing. This guide was written with real examples from one such agency. They have scaled their business to around 200 people in 7 years, and know a thing or two about overcoming growth challenges. Hope you like it! Thanks @bramk for hunting Productive once again!
I use this app since a few months now! Killed JIRA killed HARVEST and destroyed TRELLO!! Thanks ProductivE
@lukas_jorissen Happy to have you on board!
Using this everyday to manage our hardware startup and stay focused by while producing killer Kickstarter campaigns:
Using Productive every day to run our agency. Will check out this guide!
@james_cox I'm sure you'll find it useful!