A crowdsourced directory of product ideas people wish exist.

If you are a maker looking to build something new, #RequestForProduct is for you. Dive deeper into this crowdsourced idea log where you might find your next startup or product.
PS: #RequestForProduct won the runners up spot at PH's Makers Festival.
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Hey there Product Hunt 👋 Huge shoutout to @mubashariqbal for hunting my product today 🙌 It’s Sharath, the guy who launched Tools for Makers and The Angel Philosopher. I’m so stoked to announce my 3rd side project and participation in Makers Festival: No-code edition today 🚀 When @ProductHunt announced Makers Festival, I was super excited to participate as this time it is for no-code makers. Like any maker, I struggled to get an idea and was looking for inspiration. I came across @anthilemoon’s 101 blog(which btw has ton of unique 💡ideas) and randomly searched “product ideas” on twitter. I then realized, many people come up with awesome ideas and it’s a trend to share them via twitter under #requestforproduct tag. I found so many gems just by searching the twitter timeline and wanted to bring them under one umbrella. I felt due to the extensive twitter feed some of the best ideas get lost. And it’s hard to keep up with what twitter and especially startup world 🌍is thinking. Here comes #RequestForProduct, a crowdsourced directory of product ideas people wish to exist. Inspired from @marckohlbrugge’s Request for Startup, I quickly built a home for these idea gems people tweet. This platform caters for makers who are looking for an idea for their next product or startup. This platform acts as a medium for people who want to spread their ideas to the world. Shoutout to @NinaLimpi for an awesome unDraw image, @PoeHaH for table2site and @thisiskp_ for support. I will keep the idea log fresh and interesting. If there are any great ideas out there that I’m missing and you feel should be a part of the site? Or any suggestions/feedback you have? Let me know, I'd love to hear it! 🙏 Thank you for reading ❤️
@5harath Congrats on the launch! 🙌 Some really good ideas in there!
Thanks @anthilemoon for writing the 101 ideas blogpost in MakerMag 🙏 It really pushed to think more and here I'm on the launch day 🙌
@5harath Congrats on the launch Sharath. Good stuff.
@5harath Thanks for the shoutout! As always, well thought-out and designed product :-).
Lovely idea. I like it how you sourced the ideas first as apposed to relying on the crowd to submit them. Also featuring big names gives the product more clout. Would love an upvote function on the ideas : )
Thanks @craigjbarber. Wanted to showcase the best ideas first 😀 Glad you liked this simple idea. And yes adding upvote feature would be a great addition.
nice one!
What I really need is a hyperledger, aggregating all sites and forums like this, into a one-stop-shop... What would that take? A few scrapers, maybe @importio, Table2Site, simple @heroku destination, maybe some @zapier & @segment thrown in, track it all on @slack... ...a bit easier said than done. @PoeHaH @5harath @mubashariqbal