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Request harnesses the power of bitcoin and the wisdom of the crowd to create a better RFP marketplace. Submit a request for anything (from home improvements to web development work to engineering work and more).
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if it could really help prosper home improvement prospects.....Bravo. Got to wonder though, would this project support Halal financing/investment? I would reckon not best guess but neverless like the sound of the project
Neil Sandhu
Founder, Request
Hi. We are excited to share Request with the world today on PH. We just went live. Let us know what you think. We are really excited about our new RFP marketplace and hope you guys check it out!
Jean Lucas
Brazilian, Product Designer, Developer.
I'm registered since 2018, got surprised haha, my only question is: why do I have to have Coinbase? It doesn't even work in Brazil. Bitcoin should not be tied to Coinbase.
Cassandra Beaulieu
Founder & Digital MKG @
Request has been pretty useful to me, in the digital marketing sphere. The name says it all, you just request something and you get the best proposals. I love the design of the site and how easy it is to use it. I will keep using it !