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What does it take to build a startup? Whether you're a founder, maker, or side-hustler, it takes no less than to be a superhero. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our new blog that puts the spotlight on the secret behind the success of every startup: the founders.

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Justin Potts
Justin PottsHunterPro@pottsjustin · Co-founder of Avenify
Hey Product Hunt 👋 We believe building something something is one of the hardest things someone can set out to do, and we want to recognize those who take that leap. With the Startup Superheroes series we go on a quest to discover the motivations behind makers and founders who are building the next big thing to learn how they power through their difficult journey. Each story will give you insight into the special qualities that make up the entrepreneur archetype — one who ventures into the unknown in spite of their fear and uncertainty. Our latest superhero is Taylor Jacobson, who's building the future of productivity with Focusmate. Taylor's journey went from procrastinating and almost getting fired, to creating a productivity tool to solve just that. He told us about his biggest fear, life-hack, secret sauce, and how moving to India transformed his life. Check out Taylor’s full story to see what his guiding motivations are for venturing into the unknown.