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Republic's new token is designed to reward you for growing the startup ecosystem. In the future they aim to link the Note to the upside Republic gets from their startup portfolio, entitling Note holders to a cut of their revenue when any of the startups "exit"
  • Katherine Krug
    Katherine KrugFounder, BetterBack + SuperStraps

    -Supports the democratization of capital in the startup world -Participate in the upside of the full Republic portfolio



    Republic is such an extraordinary company and I'm so impressed with how they continue to innovate.

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  • Arron Fornasetti
    Arron FornasettiElon Musk never texted me back.

    Creates an extra incentive for utilizing the platform.



    Republic is a great way for everyday people to invest in startups.

    Arron Fornasetti has used this product for one year.
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Peter Green
Peter GreenMakerHiring@petergreeny · designer / founder / @joinrepublic / NYC
💥💥 Hi everyone and thank you Chris for hunting! We're here to answer any questions 🔮
Michael Gasiorek
Michael Gasiorek@gasiorekm · Founder @ Truth Cartel // EIR @ dLab
@petergreeny Cool move towards crypto adoption for the masses! Will investors one day be able to buy and trade the tokens directly, if/when they represent Republic's portfolio? I know I can buy a piece of a startup on Republic proper, but what if I want to buy into an index fund of companies? Can the Note do that?
Peter Green
Peter GreenMakerHiring@petergreeny · designer / founder / @joinrepublic / NYC
@gasiorekm while Note currently doesn't represent / not linked to any assets, we are working hard to link it to the entire Republic portfolio. It's not a simple project and we need to ensure we are complying to all the relevant rules and regulations, but our team's best minds are on the task :)
carlos@carlos_k · Head of Business. Collabee Team Inc.
@gasiorekm @petergreeny It's the service I've been looking for~
Rob Thorpe
Rob Thorpe@robmthorpe ·, Author Breakout Productivity
Love this idea. It's basically a rewards and incentive system to invest in startups on the platform. According to the site the main benefits are: - Priority access to deals Priority access to deals - Reserved deal allocation Reserved deal allocation - Learn investing from the pros Learn investing from the pros - And a growing list of perks And a growing list of perks As a user this is a nice way to be rewarded for activity on the platform, and also gamify it a little. Bravo @joinrepublic team! My ref link for bonus notes:
Steve McGarry
Steve McGarryHiring@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
Glad to see someone else trying to tackle this problem. I've personally met 5-7 crypto companies that have tried to tackle this same problem with a token in 2015-2018. A couple of the more well known ones that tried were DropDeck and FundYourselfNow. How is Republic Note different? and what is the plan for international investors? (outside US) Congrats on the launch
Christophe Eric Thomas
Christophe Eric Thomas@chr1s · Web Developer
Sounds interesting, I created an account. If someone want a referal link, here is mine :
JakeWesorick@jakewesorick · Developer
Get a bonus note for using my referral link.