Republic Crypto

A compliant blockchain investment platform for everyone

Republic Crypto is a platform to help founders run compliant token sales. Now, blockchain startups can engage and raise capital from investors of all income brackets.

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Hundreds of ICOs have launched over the past few months, some launching publicly for all to invest and others through compliance services like CoinList. Until today, founders have been forced to choose between selling to only accredited investors (to minimize the risk of regulatory action) and selling to anyone online. No longer! Republic leverages their experience running equity crowdfunding campaigns (where stock in early stage companies is sold to unaccredited investors) to help protect blockchain company founders who want to raise money without the kind of legal liability normally associated with running token sales. Super cool. Excited to see where this goes 👏👏👏
This is super cool! One of the things that disappointed me about CoinList was that it shuts out those who are not yet rich. Restricting great investments to the 1% just increases the inequality of wealth building. Love the Republic Crypto is a compliant compliment to coinlist, enabling wealth building investing for the rest of us!
It looks like there is a cap at $1M raised. Is that correct or did I read that wrong?
@mattmayberry The law restricts how much can be raised under Regulation CF on a crowdfunding platform like Republic to $1,070,000. Of course, more can be raised in parallel from accredited investors on a platform like CoinList.
@mattmayberry @kob is there a way with CoinList/Republic to convert from the CF to a Regulated A+?
@brdick Not at this time.
I'm all for democratization, but crypto and ICOs, in particular, are extremely risky (just Google 'Tezos' and hit the news button for one example). Maybe it's not such a bad thing that they're restricted? I'm still undecided. Love the approach and in general I'm all for opening things up for everyone. Considering that ICOs are substantially riskier than investing in an early stage startup with a platform like Seedinvest, what steps is Republic taking to educate potential investors who may be investing because ICOs are popular and may not understand ICOs or the huge risk associated?
@jeff_osborn We think there's a middle ground between protecting investors and keeping them out of a trend that's creating immense wealth at the moment. Crypto is the wild west right now, and while many projects will be just a momentary fad, many will be here to stay and have a lasting impact on the world. The JOBS Act gave the power back to the people to participate in this wealth creation, within certain protective limits (based on their income level and net worth). Republic enabled that for startups, and Republic Crypto is now doing it to blockchain projects, too. Keep in mind that early-stage startup investing is also extremely risky. On a personal note, as an early-stage angel investor, I look for a couple big wins to pay back my entire portfolio of 40+ investments, knowing most will fail. I think a roughly similar distribution of returns could play out with ICOs, too—with the benefit of being much more liquid.
@kob Love it - appreciate the speedy response. Looking forward to continuing to watch Republic grow!