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Reprime is a curated directory of 100,000+ interesting things happening around the world, that it can add to your calendar app to remind you of it. Be it airing of next episode of Game of Thrones or be it the next Tennis match, Reprime can add it all like black magic so that you focus on other important things in life. It was a side project that silently gained more than 50,000+ users and we decided to give it a little more love and launch it on ProductHunt. I did a blog post about how we got these many users without even a launch: Would love to hear your thoughts!
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@mohitmamoria cool idea! Intro video could use some work though.
@mohitmamoria Your blog post is great, thanks for sharing your story. You achieved the dream of every Weekend Side Project Warrior - you built it and they actually did come! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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@amin_nazim Hey Nazim. It was a side project and we made the video on our own using a basic software. Great feedback! Will replace it with a better quality soon. ๐Ÿ˜บ
@kleneway Haha. To be honest, the magic happened when we started providing schedule of Game Of Thrones. The euphoria was such that we also made some benefit out of it. ๐Ÿ™ˆ
@mohitmamoria That's awesome! Looks dope in terms of color/transitions, just the content. Anyways, do you plan on giving users the ability to add their own events at some point? For example, "Hackathons in US/Europe" would be great. Some can be pulled from ""
Love that this is simply an integration with the calendar rather than yet another app. It also reminds me of something Sunrise experimented with (cc @jeremylv). I'm surprised we haven't seen more calendar apps include recurring reminders for your favorite TV shows, sports games, and other events.
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@rrhoover Wohoo!! Your comment just made the day of the whole team here. We didn't see any point in spending months to develop an app just to solve one problem. Instead, after such good feedback and various ideas pouring in, we have flexibility to take this tiny idea in various possible directions. Our favorite is turning it into an AI assistant for reminders and daily organisation (Being a heavy calendar user, I still feel putting something in your calendar is a tedious task.) Thank you for signing up for Reprime but you didn't seem to sync any schedules. How about syncing PH LIVE calendar to start with? (Link:
@jeremylv Hey Jeremy, would love to hear your thoughts on it too. I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND A BETTER CALENDAR THAN SUNRISE :) โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
@rrhoover gmail has very limited execution for professional sports but the extent of calendars here is simply amazing. Love how easy it is to search for categories and specific calendars too. How do you guys determine which calendar to create? I see an integration w/ Amino with minimum community threshold?
@wpschwarz Hi Will. Thanks for these amazing words. We currently maintain 9000+ calendars and plan to add 10000+ more in next 2 weeks. We determine what calendars to create by the searches people are making. We track all the search queries that return 0 results and if some particular query returns 0 results many times, we start curating events of that calendar. It was a tricky solution without having to ask users directly with a suggestion box (I haven't seen it working really well). Let me check out Amino. If you know those guys, can you introduce me? My email: mohit [at] :)
Thanks @rrhoover & @mohitmamoria! This is a great start, our users loved Interesting Calendars in Sunrise and we added it into Outlook since then. Keep it up!
Reprime adds interesting things in your calendar so you don't have to struggle remembering them.
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@kwdinc Thank you for hunting us, Kevin! Early feedback from you helped us make this a good launch. :)
Awesome team, awesome product!
@noxowe Hey Laszlo!! Thanks so much for the kind words and being our early user. This means so much to us small team. :)
Nice idea. Well built. I have been using this for the past few days and it's impressive. Can't wait to try more reminders.
@jagan123 Hey Jagan! Thanks so much for being one of our early users. There are almost 10,000 new interesting schedules coming in next couple of week. :)