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Oleg Campbell
@olegcl · Founder at Reply
Kevin, thank you for hunting us :) We are glad to launch our Live Tasks is the feature, that we and our customers have been dreaming about for a while. Imagine, you should never go through your database of contacts and think who you should contact next. Instead, you can have Live Database, that provides you suggestions (Live Tasks) on who you should talk ba… See more
Igor Gorbenko
@di_ry · Content Manager
Great job guys, I use Reply for outreach marketing and pretty happy with it. Good to see you're moving forward and come up with new things to make Reply even better!
Ilya Azovtsev
@ilya_azovtsev · Help sales team close more in less time
I've been testing the same apps for 2 weeks, and you're magnificent :) Nice interface + quick-reacting support + OMG new functions.. Guys, may I transfer tasks into the CRM?? (even... need to think whether we need CRM if Reply covers the whole process :) )
Brandon White
@brandonwhite_ca · Head of Sales
Wow!!! Nice idea!! Best sequences app I've found so far becomes even better!
Ryan Pearce
@rpearce89 · Bd/Founding Team @ Omni Labs
Big fan of Reply.io, helps a ton with our lead gen campaigns making it clean and simple to setup. Haven't tried LiveTasks yet but doing so very soon. Great job guys!