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Nicklas Nilsson — Software Engineer

Thanks for the hunt. I'm one of the creators of this website.

This is a side project we have been working on for fun. We love design products and wanted to share it. Repick is curated by a few "expert" people and does not aim to be community driven. We have tried to keep the website simple and instead focus on the products.
We are not Amazon exclusive, and we sometimes add products from other sources as well. We plan to get more curators in the future and focus more on content for each product.

Hope you will enjoy
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
This reminds me of Canopy.

@nilsi -- how are you curating these products?
Mammad Emin — Product Designer
@rrhoover @nilsi

We focus on well-designed premium products with our own taste and at the same time consider overall grid to keep them same style. We think having few curators focusing on their style makes a better overall feeling. In the future we would love to include other curators with a different taste to share what they are good at. I have over the years collected a huge amount of links that I check daily and wanted to have a place to share the finest grains I'm finding.
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