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Hi everybody! started as Whitesmith's internal tool - we are remote team and often missed seeing each coworker's faces. The truth is that, sometimes, being remote feels boring and lonely, and hard to catch each other's moods - a symptom frequent between remote workers. We now decided to share with the rest of the world. Through, remote workers can connect with each other, see where they are, start a conversation, or just take a funny snap. lets you see and interact with remote workers and remote offices around the world, building a community for remote people, and creating the biggest remote HQ in the world. We would like very much to hear your feedback and ideas for the future versions. If you're interested in this, we will surely keep working and developing further - please send us your feedback! Let us know what would make your remote work more fun. As an exclusive prize for our PH fans, feel free to download the desktop apps for the different OS here: ACCESS CODE: PHEARLYACCESS
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This product helps you never feel alone as a remote worker. Just turn on your video and join the other remote workers all around the world. It's like a virtual remote office! Pretty neat idea and I'm looking forward to hearing what other people that try it think.
Working remotely can be stressful and isolating. This prodcut solves this issue in an interesting way. #remotework
@gauravkishore Glad you liked. Thanks :)
I really like the team behind Congratulations on the launch!!
@isss111 Thank you for those words Inês. 💪
Working remote is often a difficult thing, even with the times allowing for it more and more. There is often a psychological change that takes place when you work remotely given the difference in social atmosphere. I find things like getting up and walking around now and again to be beneficial not just from a physical prospective, but from the psychological break from the monotony. If tools like this can really effect change in the social atmosphere of working remotely, it can really have a positive impact on the community of remote workers, and really also serve as a great tool for establishing relationships. I'm excited to try this out!
@jimmylipham Indeed. Various type jobs are shifting to become location independent. And, even though we have come a long way building great tools for this (specially in terms of productivity), there's still a long way to go - working remotely sometimes lacks the social side. tries to improve that part. We have used it a lot at , but we want to make it better. We want to hear what you would like to want us to improve on