Running late for a job interview with a software developer?
Now, since we're all behind laptop screens, use this guide to quickly assess soft skills and remote readiness of the candidate.
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Hey Youteam, thanks for sharing!
@anna_golovchenko thanks for stopping by to check our little product!
Perfect time to discover this, love the simple to use UI
@gamesfinder Oh, can't wait to share this with our designer!!
Hey everyone! Glad to see that people seem to like the product we've created — thank you everyone for the upvote. The idea came up when YouTeam's CTO has mentioned how sometimes you run out of questions during the interview and worry you might have forgotten to ask something. We've prepared the cheat sheet that will inspire you, or will just let you quickly prepare for the interview and assess required skills in the candidate. Plus, since the world is now remote probably for a lot longer than we thought, we added the questions to ask to see if your candidate is handling the remote work well. We hope this helps you in hiring some great software engineers!
Hey Hunters, Everyone who ever had to interview a job candidate knows - these interviews suck! You only have an hour or so to make a decision that will have a profound impact on your business and may potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The trickiest part is assessing the soft skills: attitude, cultural fit, values. Is this the "right" person for your team? This question becomes even more difficult if the candidate isn't sitting in the same room with you and all you have is a blurry Zoom video. Which becomes a new 'normal' nowadays. Wise men say - 'preparation is the key'. Yet in practice, it turns our tricky to allocate dedicated time to meticulously prepare for each interview. Few of us who are that perfect usually work for British Intelligence. At YouTeam, we interview hundreds of engineers routinely - part of our standard vetting process. When you do something on a regular basis for years - certain patterns start to emerge. You suddenly see what works and what doesn't, which questions give you key insights and which are useless. Today we decided to share what we learned for over 3 years with the world - in a form of the customizable cheatsheet. Usually, you only have time for 10-15 questions - so we made this easy to pick only what you deem relevant. The entire process takes just a couple of clicks - so if you didn't get to prep in advance (just like as most of us) - this tool can be your quick last resort. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on how this cheatsheet worked in the field and how we can make it better. Thanks - and stay healthy!
This is very helpful. Any plans to release a technical question version of this?
@salil_sethi we were thinking to add technology based questions if this first version works well for people. So I appreciate your feedback and the suggestion. Definitely considering the possibility!
@ galina_di That makes sense. Glad you guys launched this.