Relocation for a tech job without a hitch.


Andrew Stetsenko
Greetings to all Product Hunters! I'm Andrew Stetsenko, a founder of @relocate_me_job. My team and I are delighted to have been hunted today. Relocate.me is a one-stop platform to explore countries (visa requirements, taxes, housing, general data) and find tech jobs abroad with verified relocation packages. On the other hand, it’s an online marketplace c… See more
Hung Lee
@hunglee · Co-Founder @Workshape.io
Love this. It's rare that I take time out to praise a near competitor, but I think Andrew and team have made an incredible product tailored to a needs of the developer community. Location agnosticism is a key trend pioneered by the tech community - it's great to see a platform built around this impulse. One to keep an eye on
Johnny Kartakov
@johnny_kartakov · Co-founder/CTO @IntroStellar
In love with your design. Great product!
@tnsrig · UI/UX @travelplanet24 @airtickets_gr
@stetsenko_me Love the concept and the design of the site!
Omer Molad
@omermolad · Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Hey Andrew. Cool idea. Do you just match people to jobs or do you provide additional services? What I'm really asking is whether you're a essentially a specialized job board.