Release Monitor

App that monitors github repositories for new releases

Release Monitor is Mac OS menu bar application that monitors repositories on for new releases.

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1 Review5.0/5
I distrust anonymous apps and am unlikely to install. Create some credibility on your landing page - a name, a link to Github profile, anything to put a human face to this.
@timshnaider This is the disadvantage of the commercial world. You create a free app and if you want to avoid those blockers you have 2 options actually. Put it into the app store and pay $99/year or buy app certificate for about $250 - $350/year.
Eh? Just needs to show something simple on the landing page to give me peace of mind it's not a malware infested app
@timshnaider I’ll opensource it, but have to cleanup and refactor code first.
Hey @danielha, What made you all want to build this?
Can't open on Mac OS 10.13.5, i get a popup saying "Can't be opened, you should move to trash"
@josh_wilcox Fixed, please try again