Relaxing Soundscape

Design your own relaxing soundscape for relaxation & sleep.

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Hello Product Hunters. My name is Darek and I would like to present my little app to the community. Relaxing Soundscape is my musical composition application created to help people who experience difficulty sleeping, difficulty falling or staying asleep or who just can’t disconnect from everyday tasks and thought, or not being able to relax or be at ease while at home or at work. Originally I created this app for my family and friends but after very positive feedback from other people I decided to extend it's functionality, and publish it on Google Play. The original, basic version is available as a free demo now. The app's music part is sonically designed to calm, relax and create spacious audio environment; especially if you utilize more then one device in the room. The field recordings of nature's sounds are all original, done and prepared by me over a time span of the last two years. The number of available sounds of nature will grow. I hope you find my app useful. If you have any questions you know where to find me. I always answer non-automated DM's on Twitter. I would love to hear your opinion and if the app worked for you.
I feel like the people who have time for this, are not the people who need relaxing. Maybe make a placebo match making platform, where contributors make mixes, and stressed people get recommended playlists based on their ID'd stressors..?
@elizabethhunker Thx for the new platform idea! Actually you may just start the app, put the phone/tablet down, and do nothing more. It does not have to be time consuming at all. At some point I was considering creating ready to use presets, but I noticed, that playing with the app itself can be a part of the calming process, so letting others (contributors or me) to do that, would be like sending a friend to the gym to get our cardio done for us. :) But your idea of stressors ID and recommending setups/playlists for each stressor gave me some other idea. Thx.