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Nice find, @CCMoberg! We've all tried digging through thousands of photos in the camera roll to find last year's camping pics from Yosemite. Heyday and Memoir offer good search but it isn't the core focus of those products.
Thanks, @rrhover - its a cool product. Yi Li, their CEO will be on shortly to answer questions anyone may have.
Looking forward to use it! One thing that stopped me is this dialog: I don't understand what is being uploaded. I obviously don't want the service I don't know have access to my private photos. For the app like this I would assume you can do all the processing on the phone without uploading anything.
Glad that you like the idea and is playing with our public beta! The best part of ReKoMe is auto tagging. Our image recognition algorithm automatically generates searchable keywords for each photo, such as beach, animal, smile, food, etc. The first part of computation is done on the phone: we abstract the image features, such as edges of the objects, texture of the images, which can be seen as the fingerprints of the images. Then we send the features to our recognition engine in the cloud. The second part, which needs more computational power, is done in the cloud: we generate the tags, scenes, objects, animals, given the features. The generated tags are sent back to the phone and stored locally in the photo to power the smart search and smart organization of photos. After our engine indexes the photos, it tosses away all the data to preserve privacy! We love to hear more feedbacks, suggestions, as well as ideas you think will be good to have in ReKoMe ^_^ Cheers! Yushan
Really cool app @Yushan_Orbeus and super interested in the image recognition + tagging side. Do you guys have an API on the roadmap at all?