Reflect Studio v2

Create beautiful, interactive charts without writing code

Reflect Studio v2 is the easiest way for product teams to build a beautiful, interactive data product without having to write a ton of custom code. Its all kinds of awesome.

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In the past, many of you may have interacted with our Studio beta and tested our mostly code-based platform and APIs. What we heard back loud and clear: “We love the flexibility of the Reflect APIs, but our coworkers would like more of that functionality surfaced in the easy-to-use Studio.” Answering that request is what Reflect Studio v2 is all about. We've also shipped a ton of new features that include: Stats: Affectionately dubbed “meta analytics,” Stats allows Reflect users to measure how well their analytics are performing with end-users. Scopes: Personalize different visualization features, layouts or content for different segments of your audience. It’s been a ton of hard work (and fun) and we hope you love it! Let us know what you think.
Great job !! 😊
looks very similar to infogram, curious on the differences
@pappas310 we focus on embedding into web and mobile apps. Also, we work with larger datasets, not really static infographics.
@abilmes I use infogram, its dynamic auto updates and embeds. However I don't think they integrate into mobile apps
Looks promising. I see an example of embedding in an Ember app. Would love to try this out if there is a way to embed in a Angular app
@dreamerkumar there is. You can drop our embed code into any app. Once you setup a view, you'll get an embed button with some options.
@abilmes Thanks for your response. I just created an account and am checking it out.
Great job! I'm excited to give it a try.