Powerful referral marketing platform for honest marketers.

ReferralHero is a powerful referral marketing platform that focuses on generating genuine word of mouth.
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    Simple to use and Manuel/Support has been great to work with.


    Not a lot.

    ReferralHero has solved our needs quite well and is working great integrated with our website landing page as well as MailChimp.

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    Powerful and simple to use


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    ReferralHero is a powerful referral marketing platform that helps companies grow sustainably through personal recommendations.

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Hi Hunters 👋 It's good to be back on Product Hunt :) In February 2016, I launched Maître on Product Hunt (still the most upvoted referral marketing tool of all time :)) with the explicit mission of helping companies grow through word-of-mouth. Many things have happened in the last 3 years but one thing was obvious: I had grown intolerant of "growth hacking" and everything it represents but realised Maitre had played a role in that and our brand needed a refresh. I strongly believe that genuine growth only happens when a company creates long-term relationships with its customers. This is why I'm so excited to announce we have rebranded to ReferralHero! Our new mission is to help companies grow sustainably, through genuine word-of-mouth. Let me know if you have any questions!
Congrats on the launch Manuel!! Wish you the best :)
Congrats on the launch Manuel 🙌
Congratulations. Always loved Maitre and the love will continue with ReferralHero. :) Best wishes.
@niteshmanav thanks Nitesh, much appreciated
+1 on creating long-term relationships with customers to grow! Congrats on the rebranding and 3 strong years since when you launched Maitre! 💪