Elegant macOS app to compress your heavy Sketch files to a light one. Keep things small even with 1K UI elements in your designs.

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Hello, folks! πŸ‘‹ It’s Ahmed here, founder of Flawless App. I’m so glad to share with you our little tool to optimise Sketch files size – Reduce app. πŸŽ‰ Have you ever experienced slow Sketch performance because of huge Sketch file you're using? πŸ€” At Flawless App we have really big Sketch files and this performance problem becomes a real bummer to our productivity. That's why we decided to create a little tool which will optimise our Sketch files. You can not just optimise images, but also automatically remove hidden layers from your Sketch files which is also affecting file size. We'll add more optimisation there soon. I’d really appreciate any thoughts or feedback you have. (No pixels were harmed during Sketch file optimisation)
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Very neat product @lisadziuba! Any idea if you would make it available as command line tool as well? I'd love to see it integrated with our Supernova Studio as well! Love the small tools you are guys creating, helps a ton. Keep up good work!
@lisadziuba @jirka_trecak Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚ We are going to add more optimisation options like: "automatically remove unused symbols from Sketch file" and some other as well. If there will be demand for CLI tool – we'll do it.
@lisadziuba @geek_1001 You can definitely count on us at least promoting it, possibly even inside the Supernova / our documentation. Everyone loves faster performance across the board and this will definitely deliver :)

Had a Sketch that was 89mbs, downloaded this app and it increased it to 128mbs.


Cool idea


Didnt compress my file, weirdly increased it.

Oh, that's probably a bug! Thank you so much for reporting. And I'm so sorry for that! If it's possible, could you please share your Sketch file, so we can try to reproduce it?
Hello, @youngfonz I'm glad to tell you that we finally fixed this issue! πŸ™‚ Please update your application to the latest version 1.3. File compression should work properly. In case you will have some more issues, feel free to ping us. Thanks!
@lisadziuba Nice, I do hate those HUMONGOUS sketch files sitting on my hard drive..
@lisadziuba @arturkiulian Thanks! Oh, we understand you so much... πŸ™‚
@arturkiulian many thanks for supporting us :)
Does it reduce quality of images? What technology is behind this tool?
@andrew_alexeyenko We use lossless image compression algorithm under the hood. So no pixels were harmed during optimisation πŸ™‚
@geek_1001 can you say more about the optimization techniques you use?
@chrismessina Hello, Chris! Sure, for the image optimisation, we use standard Deflate and LZ77 compression algorithms. This way we can keep original quality more or less untouched. We use this tool for a long time with Flawless App designs, so far we didn't notice any quality loss, but our Sketch files became much tidier.
@geek_1001 nice, thanks for that. Do you apply these compression techniques to all file formats? I'm not clear about what formats Sketch uses internally...?
@chrismessina We apply these compressions to images only. Potentially we can compress json structural files as well, but unfortunately, Sketch won't recognize them after. Because Sketch doesn't expect to parse the compressed structural file when it opens a file 😊