Keep track of your recurring subscriptions

Keep track of your recurring subscriptions and instantly see where your money is going.

Recur is the easiest way to get insights of your fixed, recurring costs. Manage your subscriptions and get notified.

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Nice initiative, but, you literally copied the exact same idea, design, layout and most of the functionality from the Bobby app. You didn't even attempt to make some changes or improvements. Free or not, it's just another blatant copy.
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Aleksander Skjoelsvik
I like making things
Congrats on your first app, but I must say the design closely resembles that of Bobby ( 🙊
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Christian HoffmannWeb Developer
@alekplay @kr3dde "Inspired"? This is a blatant rip-off!
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Hey everybody, My name is Kristian (20) and I'm the developer of Recur. I developed Recur using the React Native Framework (for the first time) and I'm really excited to share what I've been working on for the past couple of months. Recur is the easiest way to track your fixed costs on Android. You can choose from dozens of existing services or create and add your own custom subscriptions. Recur reminds you also about all your upcoming due dates. This way you'll never forget when a bill is due! Recur is FREE and will always be. I would love to hear what you guys think about it! And I’m happy to answer all questions! Have a nice day!
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Armin SalehipourApp Designer & Developer
@kr3dde I love the concept! Is there an iOS release planned for the foreseeable future?
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Nate DavisData Driven Designer
@kr3dde Love that this is free! Downloading now. Congrats on your first react native project, im a young maker on a similar path with react. Hit me up if you need an iOS port. Would love to work/collab on this. 🤓
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Jeffrey de Groot
Product Designer at Blendle
@kr3dde @arminsal1 the iOS app already exists and is called Bobby;)
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Rob Scholten
Digital Designer at Strakzat

It’s a copycat of:




This app looks exactly like bobby

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Total copycat
Nathaniel Chen
Freelance Developer

I have bills in different countries, would be nice to choose which currency for each bill, then toggle CAD/USD and auto-convert the exchange rate.

Great work!


Nice, clean aesthetic

Easy to read at a glance

Keeping track of my monthly expenses will be easy now 🤩


Buttons are small, hard to press

Name can overflow into currency field

Can't edit subscription name

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