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Thanks @emieljanson for hunting Billy! Hey everybody, My name is Jeffrey (22) and I'm the maker of Billy. I'm really excited to share what we've been working on for the past couple of months. Six months ago I moved out and started living on my own. Because of this, I suddenly had to take care of things I didn't know about. My parents used to take care of things like rent, electricity, gas, TV, Internet, but now I had to manage it myself. To manage all these things I thought about using an app for that, however, I just couldn't find a proper app that suited my needs and was really committed to do one thing right: keeping track of subscriptions. Most of those apps required an account, had too many features or where quite expensive. Today we introduce Billy, the easiest way to get insights in your fixed costs. Billy helps you finding all your subscriptions and keeping track of them. Choose from hundreds of existing services or create and add custom subscriptions. Normally you won't know when a service is billed and you have to go to the app of your bank whether or not a subscription is billed. This makes it really cumbersome to track subscriptions, especially when you have lots of them. Billy solves this by reminding you about all your upcoming due dates. This way you'll never forget when a bill is due! We're using a freemium business model, that allows you to add up to 4 subscriptions. For just $0.99 users can get unlimited subscriptions. Forever. At the moment, Billy is still learning and improving himself. We aim to make Billy super smart so he can auto detect all your subscriptions, view your due dates in a notification center widget and on your Apple Watch. We've been in beta for three months and got some really great feedback and insights, thanks to everyone who participated in the beta and has been using Billy intensively. Would love to hear what you guys think about Billy, I'm excited to answer all your questions! Have a nice day! 🐿 See what Billy can do for you, download for free here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/bil...
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@jeffreydgroot Congrats! App looks really nice. How does Billy compare with others in this space? Seems like there is growing competition here. FWIW I'm not sure a text-based bot is the most effective approach for this space so I like the path you've taken
@bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks for the kind words. You're totally right about the competition and there are indeed a lot of apps that allow you to manage your subscriptions. I think where Billy really sets itself apart is the simplicity and design. The main thing I missed in other apps is the ability to quickly get an overview of your monthly costs. Most of them felt too bloated and feature heavy, while we're focussing on one thing: get insights in your fixed costs. Would love for you to give it a try and hear what your think!
@jeffreydgroot yeh, like I said I love the design of the app... haha I'm still wanting to have more insights on managing my money but I cant bear looking at my account at the moment... hopefully in a few months I'll be on it ha!
@jeffreydgroot Great product, since this the first version. It will only get better 😎
@bentossell Haha, we're familiar with that problem yes... We really hope Billy can help you getting back the control over your fixed costs! As mentioned earlier, we really aim to make Billy smarter so it will be even easier to add / list subscriptions.
based on the screenshots the overall UX seems to be extremely simple and intuitive let alone the neat design. Unfortunately can't enjoy it. Hope to see also an Android version.
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@aramiggs Hey Aram! We really want you to enjoy the Billy as well and we're looking into an Android version!
@aramiggs Hey Aram, Do check out Subscribly for Android https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Billy is awesome. Congrats on the launch, Jeffrey! I've been using the beta for quite a while now and I've been able to manage my subscriptions with it. I think the product, as small as it might seem, has a lot of potential.
I'm in. Beautiful and simple.
Really like the simplicity of the app @jeffreydgroot and Team, congrats! Curious about your roadmap and plans. The terms button in the app is not working though...was curious about them ;)
@donfontijn Hey thanks Don! As mentioned in my first comment, we aiming to make Billy smart so he can do all the work for you (not having to enter subscriptions manually). And yes, the terms button slipped through our fingers, has been fixed now and we'll be included in the next update. In the meantime you can view the terms here http://www.billyapp.co/legal/