Post your resume and let recruiters reach out to you

RecruitT is a LinkedIn for remote workers. RecruitT is a simple platform where you can easily share your resume, and those interested in your skills can contact you. It also features an aggregated remote Job posts.

I build RecruitT because I felt like applying, interviewing and researching different companies was a waste of time.

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Hi all, this is my first Product Hunt launch! While browsing a lot of remote jobs, I saw that I waste a lot of time applying and interviewing. I build this website because I thought there should be an easier way to get through. And the idea is quite simple: you just create your resume once, and then recruiters looking for remote work can reach out to you if they think you would be a strong match. Any constructive feedback is appreciated!

Easy to use and does exactly what it's supposed to.


Simple and easy to use


Nothing here

I think this project not work because in now have a many other platforms like that,)
@roland_hovsepyan This product will take the lead pretty soon! Believe me! ;)