Voice journaling made easy

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A while ago I experimented with "micro-podcasts", recording a ~2 minute narrative about a specific topic. While it took less time than writing a blog post, audio simply doesn't get consumed or spread as much as the written world. That said, I like the simplicity and direction of this app. Nice work, @eddiecohen. cc @mignano
No Android?
@tin_hang_liu maybe. depending on the success of the ios version.
Thank you @perpetuous, unfortunately no transcription
@tin_hang_liu yeah, simple as a pencil
Hey all, thanks for the love. Recorder has been brewing in my mind for over three years. I'm delighted to see it exist. I made this app for myself. I was motivated by three main reasons: 1) I think out loud. Talking through my ideas or thoughts helps me get a bit more clear. 2) There's something about an auditory record of thought that's exciting to me. Recorder helps you retrieve not only what you said, but how you said it. It's powerful. 3) All the voice recorder apps on the app store are terrible. Please let me know what you think. You can email me at Thanks again!
@eddiecohen @me Aww man. I really need something like this but i'm an Android user. The transcription is what I need most.
Looks cool, what are the in app purchases? I would actually like this to track my pronunciation as I learn a new language.
@mannyorduna thanks. themes, unlimited recordings.
Very neat and functional. How many recording are allowed in the free version? Keep up the great work.
@san_picciarelli thanks. 10 per month.