Record Bird for Android

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Love Record Bird on Messenger — excited to see it launch on Android!
Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina - excited to finally bring Record Bird to Android and launch the app on Product Hunt today. Our vision for Record Bird is one, where fans get real time notifications on their phones as soon as their favourite artists announce or release new music - regardless of the platform, format or medium. Excited to hear your questions & feedback! Cheers, Andreas
I saw that on iOS you are already allowing Apple Music in-app streaming. Is there gonna be such a function for Spotify as well?
@manuel_spornberger Oh absolutely, we're actually developing it as we speak. Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform besides YouTube, so we very keen to integrate deeply with it on Record Bird. We saw that streaming new releases within the app is one of the key experiences for our iOS users, so we aim to have it also on Android rather sooner than later.
You’ve launched on iOS already last year, so I assume you also developed your Android app natively? If so, what were the main reasons for native development your apps? Working on a project myself, so I’d be really interested in your train of thought…
@daniel_laiminger We’ve watched recent advances in cross-platform mobile development closely, and we’re super interested in the progress in the field. Yet, with native code, we still feel like we can take better advantage of platform specific APIs and generally deliver a product that feels more at home on the specific devices. Performance of course is also a consideration: our product is very heavy on the media side (lots of pictures, videos, an audio player). To achieve fluid interaction and a smooth experience, we felt like we’d have to jump through a lot of hoops when building on something like the cordova framework.
Been using this a while on iOS. Great to see it landing on Android!
@will_campbell Thanks man, we're very excited too. Do you feel there's a core feature on iOS that we should get on Android ASAP?
Record Bird first introduced me to "The Story of OJ" by Jay Z, I love the song and really enjoy using the iOS App around once a week. In combination with their chatbot for FB Messenger I'm a pretty active user, also played with the Android version on a Cubot device today, pretty slick experience.
Thanks @peterbuch that means a lot from you. Agreed, the new jay-z record is pretty swell, so super-glad we got you on it! :D Also, we should talk about bringing our chatbot experience to the next level, but that's some stuff for a different thread! :)