Reclaim Assistant automatically finds and defends time on your calendar for you to get stuff done, and preserves your work-life balance by keeping your personal and work calendars in sync.
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Thanks for hunting us @nikkitaftw! 🙏 Funny story: @nikkitaftw was actually one of the first users to try out some of the new features we’re launching today. We’re super grateful for her support. This is our third ProductHunt launch, and in many ways, it’s a culmination of what we’ve released thus far -- albeit with some big improvements. We started with LifeWork, which enabled thousands of people to start keeping their work and personal calendars in sync automatically. We then launched LunchBuddy, which gave people the ability to get lunch defended on their calendar every day. With Reclaim Assistant, we’re bringing those features into a single UI and adding some foundational changes to help make your calendar smarter: ✉️ We’ve added Catch-Up events -- flexible, dynamic time blocks for you to catch up on email and tasks each day -- to Reclaim; ⏰ Working Hours are now modifiable, which means more control for folks who work alternative schedules or who are going through big changes to their hours as they move to WFH; 📣 You can now tell Reclaim when your ideal times are for blocking lunch and catch-up times, and Reclaim will modify time blocks to fit those ideal timeframes; 📊 We’ve added auditing for LifeWork and Assistant, so you can see stats about what Reclaim’s doing on your calendar as well as view the most recent few weeks of events that have been added to your schedule; ⛱ Finally, we’ve integrated all the existing features that you’re used to if you’ve used LunchBuddy or LifeWork: syncing multiple personal calendars to your work calendar, automatic travel time blocks, a Slack integration for managing your time and more! We’re really excited with all the feedback and new use cases that we’ve uncovered over the past few months, and this is just the beginning: as we evolve Reclaim, we’re going to add even more flexibility, so you can tell Reclaim exactly what you need and it’ll find time on your calendar to get it done every week. Stay tuned, enjoy, and drop a comment below if you’d like! ❤️
Reclaim is by far my new favorite tool. I love seeing time blocked out on my calendar for focus or just a break. I used to do this manually but now it's just done for me, and it's smart about it
@jmitch Thanks for your support! 🙏
Hey everyone! Really excited to be back, sharing a new round of major enhancements. Please let us know what you think and what you'd love to see us work on next. In the meantime, I'm also open to answering any questions about the tech stack if folks are interested. The quick summary is: * React frontend * Java middle tier, Java 11, using the Micronaut framework * Postgres backend / persistence, making good use of jsonb and hstore fields as well as a mini "job service" that takes advantage of the "SKIP LOCKED" feature introduced in 9.5 * Deployed entirely in AWS, frontend on Cloudfront and backend on ECS Fargate We typically push to production 5-10 times per day. Thanks!
I absolutely love the idea and how are they developing it. Now that I can set up my own schedule and preferences for the time slots it just made my life so easier! If you have a packed schedule with work and personal commitments (and who doesn't?) this is a must!
@robotto Thank you Joan! Stay safe in Spain, and really appreciate the support.
I have been WAITING for something like this. I've used other things (I forget the name) that is similar but was based on tasks, not my calendar. As a publicist, things change for me all the time, so I can appreciate a tool like this. I can't wait to try it out. I also love that you are giving business owners a break due to COVID 19 and offering it for free. I will surely be spreading the word. Checking it out now!
@ni_e_sha Awesome to hear, and really appreciate the feedback and support -- thank you! I'm curious if you would want to be able to make blocks on your calendar (similar to the ones Reclaim creates, where they auto-reschedule and shift based on your week's capacity) that correspond to your task list?