Recharge 2.0

Pay for homes by the minute

Recharge started in hotels providing luxury space where customers could Recharge themselves by taking a nap, shower or grabbing a conference call on the go. Starting in 2019 Recharge launched Homes to expand options for customers. This expansion enables hosts to Recharge their wallets by sharing their home while they’re at work during the day.

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This extension to the home makes a ton of sense, and hopefully cheaper than hotels.
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@rrhoover cheaper would be good.
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@rrhoover @_jacksmith Thanks guys. And yea we wanted to have more available options and much cheaper as well.
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@rrhoover @_jacksmith @mannybamfo Curious how you see this playing out long term. Airbnb was cheaper in the beginning when it was owners with spare rooms who occasionally had people stay. But now... the vast majority of Airbnb seems to really be the same or more $$ than hotels. It's a different type of space, but it's not a budget option anymore.
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I hunted this product when they were just hotels and SUPER excited to see them expand into homes carving their own lane against other home-sharing apps. With Recharge, you can finally access private living space on every corner by the minute! No need to rent a hotel or home for a day at a time. If you have a conference or are running around the city for meetings and want to use a shower after the gym, Recharge enables you to pay for a home or hotel room by the minute. It's currently live in SF, NYC and LA. On top of that, they have a 80K waitlist with cities all around the world. You can sign up now and add your city! Sign up for the network using the link below and we’ll each get 30 minutes of Recharge Nap minutes added to our accounts! 😴
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Coolio! Every time I travel I'm thinking of something like this, since I don't spend most of the 24h in a rental. Best of luck.
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This loooks killlllllller! How will the key exchange process work 🧐🧐🧐
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@phontstudios If you host on self serve mode you can add a lock box or use our standard smart lock. If you host on autonomous mode we manage the key exchange for you!
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@phontstudios @mannybamfo Have you struck any deals with smart lock providers?
This is dope. Question: Can I just hire my own cleaner to do the cleaning for me?
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@kevin_forouzesh1 Yes you totally can if you like. We'd love to get you started anytime.
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