Multi-channel chat and customer engagement for your website

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I discovered Reamaze a few months ago and I must say they evolved quite a bit since. They started as helpdesk tools and evolved into a full-fledged customer communications platform. Reamaze 2.0 allows you to: • Embed in-app and on-site chat (you can also embed a KB within chat) • Customize your customers' chat experience with contextual prompts, notifications, and audio alerts • Seamlessly transition online and offline customers • Stay in touch with customers on iOS and Android app • Automate engagement messages to online customers using rules and conditions for lead nurturing, onboarding, or pushing relevant content via Reamaze Cues • Robust and revised API: I talked to the founders and they told me about additional features they’re going to add in the near future like customer segmentation and feedback surveys. If you're not familiar Reamaze, their original helpdesk offerings includes email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS/MMS, hosted and embeddable knowledge base, chat, workflow automation, a great environment for teams, and a lot more. They’re based out of San Jose, CA.
Excited to show off all the newest features for Reamaze! We've been working with our user base and community over the past few months to really fine tune the offerings. A lot of optimizations have gone into the entire platform as well. We're happy to answer any questions! Thanks @haimpekel for the hunt!
Hi David. The product looks awesome. Seem like you guys put a lot of effort into it. Love the design too
@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer! Feel free to give Reamaze a try if you need something to replace an older helpdesk platform or if you just need a better way to reach out to customers :)