Helpdesk for sites and apps simplifed

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Looks solid but do we really need another help desk software?
Interesting package though a few leaders are sitting high and pretty on a considerably large pie. In addition to Zendesk, and freshdesk, Groovehq is also there. I am interested to know a bit of background of its founders and the product story. I cannot see it on the website, neither on the blog. @rahulvarshneya, can you share some thoughts on what specific value Reamaze brings to the table?
looks somewhat similar to helpscout
We really like Reamaze because it's simplicity and at a time when we signed up their pricing also was better than the competition. They also have a terrific support - very timely responses.
I've been using this after letting go of my in-house customer service person and it's saved my life. Does anyone know of a resource for workflow templates to make the auto-responsders easier to build?