Real time funnels

Website funnel analytics in real time

Real time funnels is a website funnel analysis tool which provides you insights in real time ⏲️
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Hey there, hunters and website analysts ✋ I am happy to anounce Real time funnels - a real time funnel tracking solution for websites 📊 This is my first real side project so I am super excited about it!😄 Tracking your website funnel with real time funnels is easy and you can start doing so in less than 5 minutes. Key features: ✔️ Data insights are provided in real time ✔️ Page visit (url) funnel step tracking ✔️ Custom event (javascript) funnel step tracking ✔️ Single page application support ✔️ Funnel hits & conversion insights I hope it will be helpful and useful for webmasters, ecommerce website administrators or everyone who needs to track metrics of their website funnels in real time. Any feedback or suggestions are highly appreciated!💪💪💪
Any integrations with sales metrics?
@trackingdesk not yet. Do you have any suggestions?
@heofizzy the suggestion is to enable it since if you sell something online, it's the metric that eventually matters the most, isn't it?
@trackingdesk that's a good point actually. Thank you! I will consider this option and will include to product roadmap.
I love the way dashboards of Real time funnels look. Information and charts are neatly organized on one page, the fonts are readable. Eager to try it in action!
@veronika_rovnik Thank you! Let me know how it goes for you!