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#4 Product of the DayJune 18, 2016
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From @jordannovet's VB article: Real Life is “fully funded” by Snapchat, a spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email but declined to comment further. It's unclear how involved Snapchat is in the project, but this could be the company's first expansion (and diversification) beyond the Snapchat app itself similar to Facebook's app constellation strategy.
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@rrhoover From paragraph 6: "Snapchat is now funding Real Life, and we have editorial independence as well."
Snapchat is branching out from video, apparently.
Looking forward to this, @nathanjurgenson! 🙌🏽
This should be great. I've always wanted more curated video content from events and news stories. Content from the participants and attendees, not just reporters. Great idea.
Plot twist.
@everette big media concedes to Snapchat and Snapchat becomes big media. What a time to be alive.