Discover every website your prospects care about.

Readership analyzes tens of thousands of public social interactions to discover the sites your customers and prospects interact with the most so your marketing and PR efforts are focused on where your prospects actually are, not where you hope they are.
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Good morning, Product Hunt! This product took a while to get dialed, but really excited to have it ready to share with everyone. This was born from the fact that as a marketing guy at my day job I was constantly relying on media kits to figure out on which media outlets to place ads. But the irony was that these kits always claimed people like me read their stuff, but I didn't and neither did my peers. One day the Twitter algorithm was highlighting those same peers were all interacting with content from a specific website and it hit me that by looking at an group of people's social interactions I could figure out which sites they were engaging with the most and give me confidence in my marketing that a media kit couldn't. A lot of trial and error later, Readership was born. Now I run reports on competitors and influencers all the time to discover new sites, bloggers, outlets, etc. and it's pretty remarkable what it can surface. Thanks for checking it out, would love any/all feedback, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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I'm a subscriber for one of your other products and had a free readership report as part of the package. It was useful, but not useful enough that I'd pay $99 for another report. May I ask how you reached this price point?
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@scotty_bowler Really great question, Scott. The value a report like this provides depends almost 100% on who ends up using it. To most people and marketers, it's interesting. But to a small group, it priceless. So we've started with a pricepoint that makes sense for the latter group based on the other tools they'd be using but offered free reports to get lots of other people in there using it so we could learn from them about how they use it and how much value it provides them. Does that answer your question?
@greggblanchard it does, and I'm one of the people who would find this extremely valuable (launching products into 6 niches this year and we need to profile our target audiences), but there are a number of blockers - mainly that one report is hard to determine how good the service is. The report I ran returned a number of sites that didn't load or had server holding pages for example. I'm getting value from your other product, but I just can't justify spending $99 on something that (in my mind) could be hit or miss.
@scotty_bowler Interesting. Any chance you could send me a few of those domains? One of the things that took so long in getting this product "dialed" as I mentioned above was how open-ended it is. Some reports are looking at nearly 100,000 different pieces of content crated by 10,000 different sites and trying to attribute them to the same creator which leads to a very long tail of exceptions to design for. Still a number of exceptions out there i'm sure, so if you have a few examples you could send over that'd be super helpful. By the way, just added a couple more reports to your account in case you want to run that original report again or try a report for another product. Thanks, Scott!

This product was very useful for me.


I really liked it, a great product! very useful! good luck friend! πŸ‘πŸ˜€


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Pretty awesome, going to give it a try for the product I just launched!