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Why "read it later" - email yourself now ⚡

Give Read on Mail a link, and it will send you a clean, readable version of an article.
Make reading part of your inbox zero routine.
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I've spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect read it later service - but they don't work for me, simply because I don't check them too often - and when I do look at them: my list is so full that I give up instantly. Read on Mail is an attempt to create something that'll let you read what you want to, without creating a whole mountain of unread content. 1. Email yourself the article - from the website or the bookmarklet. 2. Want to make notes? Reply to the email. 3. Want to share? Forward the email. It's all so simple ✨ Looking forward to hear what y'all think.
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Nikita LukianetsEntrepreneur, Neuroscientist, Designer
@jajoosam well done. Three small comments: 1) the formatting of the email text could be improved, especially if you have a look at readability practices. Currently the font size and line-spacing are to small. 2) have a look at a similar approach from fivefilters bookmarklet (https://pushtokindle.fivefilters...), perhaps it will inspire you on how to improve the usability of sending. 3) thinking further, the problem that will naturally arise is how to then sort emails that need to be read later. An optional solution for this could be the introduction of labels. If you can save and reuse these labels in the email subjects, the would be helpful for people like me.
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Well done on building this! Nice idea although I think going to the site each time would be annoying. Make this a chrome extension and it would be epic I think!
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The website doesn’t work