React Starter Kit from Glitch is a free, 5-part video course with interactive code examples that will help you learn React, with experts teaching you how everything works in a friendly way so you can work at your own pace.

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Great material with unique presentation, I like it. I will definitely recommend you to all of junior devs or to people seeking for ReactJS material. 👍🏼
@vlafiser Thanks, man. We had a lot of fun putting it together.
This is wonderful ✨ ! Any suggestions on who would benefit most from this? React beginners, JavaScript beginners, code beginners, or all of the above?
Also, just wanna say: man, the design style of Glitch + that of the video's transition slides just hit me in my heart. I love it so much. 🙌 🌈👽✨🙌
@barnabybones that means a lot, glad you like it. I would say React beginners, we’ve assumed some JS and HTML knowledge. We hope to have something for code beginners in the new year. Though we have some resources for them already at
@_gw Cool, thanks! Yeah, it's great that Glitch has a dedicated "Learn to Code" section. In general, I think it's fantastic how Glitch equally serves as a learning platform as well as a create/collab code workspace. Excited for the future of Glitch Ed! (Btw, Glitch isn't calling it Glitch Ed. Didn't want to confuse anyone & spawn any failed googling.)
Here is my problem with this. When I first started to learn React. I had a huge problem with grasping what was important what was not. Every instructor on YouTube, Udemy, Udacity, Wes Bos, they all teach very differently. It took awhile to learn the fundamentals because everyone teaches a different foundation. What makes this different? Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr The videos are accompanied by working code examples that you can remix and experiment with, closing the loop on the theory so you can see how things really work.
Fantastic! Very well done.
Awesome, I love the Glitch style; accessible and fun. That's so important for learning.