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re:Charged is a better way to get tech news without algorithms, RSS feeds, advertising or clickbait. Join the slow web revolution and get the best briefing about what's new in technology every morning delivered right to your inbox. Join our community of smart people from across the industry having nuanced discussions.

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  • Cory Miller
    Cory MillerProduct Director at seanwes

    NO ADS, succinct, great place to discuss



    I've loved being part of the re:Charged beta group and it's really a phenomenal product. Owen does an incredible job of producing the kind of content I want to read without cluttering it with ads, clickbait, or nonsense. I used to be subscribed to dozens of tech feeds and would just scroll by them all saying the same things. With re:Charged I just see the things I would want to read anyways.

    Loving it, happy to be part of this!

    Note: Been longer than 1 month but shorter than 1 year. Come on PH :P

    Cory Miller has used this product for one month.
  • Thomas
    ThomasDesign at WeTransfer

    Very well focused, high quality content


    The community is still a bit new, hope that grows quickly. :)

    I've been a subscriber to the re:Charged newsletter since day one and it has genuinely stopped me from visiting any tech-related websites. I don't have to worry about missing anything and if I don't feel like catching up I can always just delete the email anyway.

    Owens commentary on the news always feels on point and puts thing in another interesting perspective. ❤️

    Thomas has used this product for one month.
  • Justin Watt
    Justin WattRunning operations @ MetaLab

    Timely, distilled, and interesting news with solid takes on them.


    There were mobile formatting issues but those are now resolved

    I've been a part of Owen's beta over the last few months for re:Charged and I'm a big fan. It's timely, interesting, and relevant content. It's like he knows about the stories that matters to me and cuts through the BS to deliver the relevant parts.

    Justin Watt has used this product for one month.
  • Joey
    JoeyHead of Product, MessageBird

    Great content and the only newsletter I actively read and look forward to. Rarely mentions something I'm already aware of.


    None so far

    I've been a subscriber since the beginning and out of all the newsletter I receive, including the many I accidentally subscribe to, this is one of the only ones I look forward to and mention to friends and colleagues. It keeps you up to date, without having to filter through all the tech news sites there are nowadays.

    Joey has used this product for one year.
  • Pedro Marques
    Pedro MarquesProduct Designer,

    Great and insightful content - No bs and straight to the point.


    It cover the highlights of the day, so if some shit goes down during the day you'll only get a digest the next day, I want moar.

    I'm part of the re:Charged community before it was cool and tbh it has been always cool.

    The content itself is great, it bleeds @ow's personality which is great! I've been a a fan of the podcast for a while and to get that in a daily basis is fantastic.

    Saves me a LOT OF TIME and protects me from autoplaying videos.

    Pedro Marques has used this product for one month.
  • Adam Haworth
    Adam HaworthEditor, Techmeme

    You can forget about trying to chase the news and know that the most important stuff will be in your inbox in the morning.


    Not sure there's anything as yet.

    I've been using re:Charged since day 1 of the earliest alpha. It's changed the way I approach news - I have learnt to rely on Owen's daily emails to keep myself updated on the tech world. Even if I'm already aware of a news story, what's great is that the daily email is still worth reading.

    The community is young but ties the whole thing together. In the time that it's been around, I've already found my own views challenged. It's a lovely, slow-web way to remove yourself slightly from whatever bubble you find yourself in.

    It's worth paying for. Stop wasting time trying to play catch up. Rely on re:Charged.

    Adam Haworth has used this product for one month.
  • Edwin Wee
    Edwin WeeStripe

    Insightful and concise.


    Edwin Wee has used this product for one day.
  • John Collins
    John CollinsDirector of Content, Intercom

    Fresh take on the tech news, rarely covers things I already know


    None so far

    Email newsletters really are enjoying a resurgance and re:Charged is definitely one of the ones I open every day.

    John Collins has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Compressed and to the point


    I kind of want more :)

    Been here since Beta and loved every moment of it. @ow does an amazing job, you can see it's more than a business for him.

    Andreas Fruth has used this product for one month.