Razorpay Payment Pages

Easiest way to get paid with personalised pages

#5 Product of the WeekMay 02, 2019
Don’t have a website? Can't code? No problem. Accept payments without a fuss using Razorpay’s Payment Pages.
It takes just a few clicks to use a beautiful template and build a custom-branded payment page. Get started in minutes & accept payments instantly.
  • Sumeet Mahendra
    Sumeet MahendraFounder & CEO at RTIwala

    It's damn simple and fast to publish the first payment page. Plus, it also accepts multiple currencies.


    They serisouly need to work on the high failure rates (or risk issue).

    I've been using the Razorpay Payment Pages since past couple of months as a beta user. But lil disappointed with high failure rate and no auto currency conversion feature.

    Sumeet Mahendra has used this product for one month.
  • Karthik Balakrishnan
    Karthik BalakrishnanTech - #SaveTheInternet, #ChennaiRains

    Super easy to setup and use. Allowing non-technical to people manage and edit these pages is a huge timesaver.


    Does what it says on the box. Will only get better as more templates and use cases are covered.

    We've used it at the Internet Freedom Foundation to setup different donation/support landing pages.

    Karthik Balakrishnan has used this product for one month.
Hello fellow hunters, Thank you for stopping by to have a look at Razorpay’s Payment Pages. I’m one of the co-founders of Razorpay and I would like to give a quick overview of Payment Pages. I have worked closely with the team building Payment Pages and I can safely say that we are on our way to solving the problem we set out to address -- allowing businesses or institutions to accept payments without a website or technical integration. Here’s what I like the most about Payment Pages: * No coding required to ship a payment page * Add your branding to a payment page * Choose from several templates * Accept payments instantly through various payment modes * Use custom URLs to include your business or brand * Real-time insights and reports to track payments Few important use cases we have already during beta: - Fee collection for educational institutions - Online sales for product manufacturers - Donation collections for NGOs and trusts - Event ticket sales for artists and organisers I would urge you to take a look at the product webpage. We have built the product with a lot of passion and would love to have your feedback on it. Since you’re here, we would like to help you get started with Payment Pages. We’ll forgo our fees on your transactions up to Rs 1 lakh. You can avail this credit by using the coupon code “PHUNT” if you wish to sign up and use the product. Happy to answer any questions. Shashank Kumar
@shashank_kr This is a great addition to Razorpay. Does it support subscriptions as well?
@spandana_govindgari Hi Spandana We tackle subscription related problems via our subscription product - https://razorpay.com/subscriptions. Please do check it out. Right now, Payment Pages is suitable for one time payments.
@shashank_kr Hi Shashank, Happy to see the Razorpay's payment pages over here! I'm one of the beta user and I wish, if I'd have not joined the Razorpay earlier so as to avail the "PHUNT" code. But I'm sure you'll offer something similar to early adopters. 🙂🙂
@shashank_kr when it allow to send invoice in USD from dashboard ? I am waiting for it :)
@shashank_kr Umm… did you folks copy/pasted Stripe's design? That doesn't look good at all. Especially from a payments company that people want to trust. Giving them a reason like that is a big NO-NO. Some honest feedback for your design team to consider switching away from a ditto-copy of Stripe's design. By saying that, I don't want to undermine all the good work and effort you folks put into all of this. Peace! ✌️
This is going to be super helpful for hosting community events. Good stuff @harshilmathur @shashank_kr!
@harshilmathur @nivasravi Thanks for the support! Look forward to your feedback on the product.
Which countries do you support (besides India)?
Hey @mightyalex, we are a payment gateway based out of India. We currently support Indian businesses only.
@sriram_raja1 well this is the first thing you should put on your landing page
@usfslk Thanks for the feedback! We'll note this.
@sriram_raja1 @usfslk Exactly. Put that at the top: INDIAN BUSINESSES ONLY.
@mightyalex @sriram_raja1 Are there plans to expand this anytime soon? Thanks!
Dayum! Razorpay going Instamojo way. Good luck folks!
@vaibhavsisinty Thanks for your support :)
@vaibhavsisinty We built this with the intention of serving our customers who are looking to collect payments without any technical integrations. We see a lot of ngo donations, school/college fee collections, event ticket collections etc. and a variety of different use cases. Do try and give feedback on the product.
This is cool, congrats guys! Looking forward to trying this out.
@findabhilash Thanks for the support man! Looking forward to your feedback :)