Rapchat 2.0

Record, share, and discover freestyle raps



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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Definitely need to hear @eriktorenberg have a go on this ;)
Seth Miller
Seth MillerMaker@sethmills21 · Co-Founder & CEO @ Rapchat
Thanks for the hunt @stttories! The Rapchat Sqaud and I are excited to share with you all Rapchat 2.0. We spent the first year on the app store running tests, looking at data, learning from our users, and most importantly - confirming the belief that LOTS of people like to freestyle. Whether they are actually good at it or not doesn't matter. In fact, I'm pretty awful at freestyling but my co-founder @p_holla (formerly a rapper known as P Holla) kills it and luckily takes the mic when we do pitches, etc. What matters is that people have fun freestyling and sharing these moments with friends. Our goal initially was to make it easy for anybody to record a freestyle over a beat and share it with friends. We truly wanted to give everyone the opportunity to be a rapper in 30 seconds or less by bringing the recording studio to your phone. Unfortunately, with all our 1.x versions it really wasn't that easy - our ux was shit, you had to have FB to login, and the app just didn't have a ton to do on it. So, we spent the entire summer redesigning our app, fixing our issues, and are now proud to release our biggest and most polished update yet. Some of the key features we've added are: 1. The ability to sign up with email and create rapper names (no more FB necessary) 2. A new Studio with two modes - written / freestyle (notepad comes highly requested and gives users the chance to create a masterpiece should they so choose) 3. Top Raps - a feed where we showcase the best of the best 4. Ability to add friends from multiple sources (contacts, fb, search) Some of the above features may seem obvious but again our 1.x versions were true MVPs due to the multiple constraints we faced as a bootstraped startup. We've now grown our team from 4 to 12 and have added true ballers so constraints are a thing of the past. 2.0 is only the beginning and we have big plans going forward. Shoot us some questions! We'd love to hear some feedback from the PH community.
Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman@kyco16 · Founder of Gamesite
This app looks incredible!
P-HollaMaker@p_holla · Co-Founder at Rapchat
@kyco16 thanks bro, feel free to send thru any feedback!
Tori Bunte
Tori BunteHunter@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
It's pretty easy to label Rapchat as Snapchat for dropping hot bars [(c) me] - which isn't too far off. What makes Rapchat fun, specifically the latest update with a cleaner UI, is that the app provides a selection of beats to record over, allows you to share with friends+on your social profiles, and supports the features you'd want to see - like replies allowing you to let your friends know if their rap was hot garbage or actually fire. (I'm a cool teen I promise.) I find that posts on Snapchat and Instagram can fall flat overtime and I end up mindlessly scrolling through updates without actually paying attention. Rapchat provides a fun, engaging, and perhaps silly, way to share with friends and break up the monotony of the average day :)
Erik Torenberg
Erik Torenberg@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Congrats @sethmills21 on the launch! Know you've been cranking hard. keep it up. Anyone can freestyle :)
Seth Miller
Seth MillerMaker@sethmills21 · Co-Founder & CEO @ Rapchat
@eriktorenberg Appreciate it brotha!
Seth Miller
Seth MillerMaker@sethmills21 · Co-Founder & CEO @ Rapchat
@eriktorenberg And right? All you need is a beat....