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Find the best local events and rally your friends to join

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Pretty cool, but kinda weird that they are launching the iOS version only. I guess friends with Android devices don't deserve to be rallied :(
@tokudu I'm sure they're working on it. It's just more feasible to start with IOS, everyone knows that. ;)
@captnphilip I think it's a crappy strategy for social products. The adoption fundamentally depends on how many friends in your social network are using the app. It's in your best interest as the developer to reach as many people as can at launch. Of course, it can still work out fine if your app has as solid single player value prop (ex: Instagram was iOS only at first, but it has an awesome single player use-case. you didn't really need your friends to be on the app)
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@tokudu I agree. Rally, are you taking notes on this?!
Eventbrite is sitting on so much data and an engaged audience, it makes sense for them to offer a direct-to-consumer product for event discovery. I'm just surprised they didn't do this earlier. Why now, @juliahartz? And congrats on the launch. 🙌
@rrhoover @juliahartz Not sure about the engaged audience part. I'd assume most people come around to book a specific event and leave, there is hardly a reason to stick around for anything else.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! I’ll take a stab at this. We’ve actually been helping consumers find great things to do for some time using both our blog, (also called Rally) and the Eventbrite product. So for us, the Rally app is just a continuation of our attendee offerings, only with the Rally app we’re tackling the pain points around organizing your friends, in addition to taking on event discovery. Look forward to your feedback on the product!
I like the name. But massive, massive chicken and egg problem to overcome.
I'm really liking this but bummed it's not in DC yet. Most of my adventure buddies view Facebook as the Walmart of social networking so this would be a great alternative for events. Just as long as I don't get a million event invites to so and so's pop up tubberware party. What's the process for selecting events?
Really great idea! This could be an amazing way to gather data on what types of events people enjoy attending and what types of people go to certain events (My UX senses are tingling) :D