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George D. Bousis
George D. BousisMaker@gbousis · Founder & CEO, Raise.com
Thanks for the post and we appreciate the feedback. Gift cards bought on the Raise Mobile app can be redeemed instantly in store by accessing the Raise wallet and scanning the bar code at checkout. Furthermore, not only can you instantly receive but they can be immediately redeemed while in line.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Yesterday @jtriest hunted Giftcard Zen, a site to purchase discounted gift cards from a variety of stores. Unfortunately, you have to wait for those cards to ship. Raise just released an iOS app for purchasing gift cards instantly. Just in time for the holiday. :) EDIT: I stand corrected. Apparently Giftcard Zen also sells instant gift cards.
Phil Toronto
Phil Toronto@philtoronto · SVP, Special Projects
@rrhoover I use Raise on the regular! It's the best way to reload a Starbucks gift card :) I also have a clever little system involving Ebates to get an extra 1% off. Very crafty. @jasongurwin
Aaron Dragushan
Aaron Dragushan@aaron_dragushan
@rrhoover @jtriest Kudos to Raise on a solid app. Great job guys. I gotta correct you on the shipping though, the vast majority of gift cards at Giftcard Zen are instantly available.
Jason Gurwin
Jason Gurwin@jasongurwin · GM Mobile, Ebates
@philtoronto @rrhoover It's a great way to stack. Ebates + Raise to buy the gift card. Ebates + Coupon to buy the item. It's basically free at that point. :)
James Yoder
James Yoder@jamestyoder · James Yoder is the CEO of Chat Sports
@philtoronto @rrhoover @jasongurwin Awesome stuff - going to start using this ASAP
David Singer
David Singer@singer · Product person
Is there coffee? Coffee? Coffee?! I'll take coffee. Make there be coffee. Coffee! /downloaded
Dave Mulder
Dave Mulder@muldster · Head of Product for @conferencesio
Amazon gift cards are 0.5% off. I guess that's something.
Darshan Shankar
Darshan Shankar@dshankar · Startup founder, YC alum, VR developer
Love using Raise! When can we expect an app for iPhone 6+?