Rage Grade by FullStory is a benchmark of how your customer frustration stacks up against other companies like yours.

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Hey guys! Aditya here from FullStory. Have you ever wondered just how good (or bad) the customer experience is on your website or app? Now you can find out. Meet FullStory’s Rage Grade, a letter grade from A to C- that tells you exactly how your customer frustration compares to other sites like yours. Rage Grade is the next step in our quest to proactively detect and bring key moments of customer distress to your attention. In addition to a letter grade, you’ll also see the top 10 most frustrated customer sessions, letting you jump directly to the exact moments of rage in the session replays. Wondering how your grade is calculated? Rage Grade uses machine learning to analyze all the frustration signals generated by your users—things like Error Clicks, Rage Clicks, mouse thrashing, and form abandonment. We tally up all these signals and benchmark your performance against your industry, so you know how you’re doing relative to the competition. If you’ve never used FullStory before, you can start now and get your Rage Grade free during your 14 day Pro trial. Go see how you stack up!
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FullStory is the first thing that I check when I start work in the morning & the last thing I check before I leave. Looks like an awesome new tool and a highly worthwhile addition to the product!
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@wwwdonohue That's awesome! We're excited for you to try it out and let us know what you think.
Awesome stuff Jordan and team!
Well done guys 🎉 I can't wait to give it a go 💪
I already have full story. How do I get the recording snippet?