Certified organic cotton pads & tampons that actually work


Conventional period products are chock full of chemicals but we're on a mission to tackle the feminine care industry with healthy alternatives. Rael products are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients to empower all women to make safe choices for their bodies.

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Probably the comfortable organic cotton pad out there. They also a leak lock technology that they aren't highlighting. It's a very delicate rim on the left and right sides that provide an extra lining to keep your period where it belongs.


Their leak lock technology is subtle and considerate


They need to highlight more of these subtle differences

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My skin says thank you. I actually used the pads right after my delivery (it's that soft!!)


The organic cotton feels so soft and clean!!


Maybe more size options?

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Hi Esther, thanks for your note. Yes, a lot of women who just had babies look for our products as we're free of toxic chemicals and also work very well. Appreciate your continuous support!
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I tried Rael products a few months ago and really like them. I was not expecting to be able to tell the difference in softness but actually did! These pads felt more soft than regular pads. I had no problems with the absorbency/leakage. Also liked that packaging was simple (that was my problem with Honest in that they had a ton of extra packaging for their liners). Worth the extra money for comfort and health. However, would like to know if there will be any other retail locations we can find rael outside of Amazon or Rael Website?


Really soft, comfortable, organic and toxin free!


Slightly more expensive than non-organic (which is usually the case so not a surprise)

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I always knew that using organic pads is the way to go given that regular pads have harmful ingredients for women. But several of the organic pads I had used in the past were just not good enough. So glad I came across this brand! It works great-- nicely packaged, good absorption and most importantly, safe for me.


Safe for me, best organic pads I've tried in the market.


Slightly expensive (but worthwhile)