The missing radio for iPhone

For the first time, scroll to find a radio station.

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Hi everyone! After years of meticulous testing, debugging and scaling, I’m happy to post RadioApp on PH. This version is the younger, lighter and free version of RadioApp Pro ( that has been the test bed for the past few years. This project started when I was looking a radio app for my dad. It turned out most radio apps, as simple as they were supposed to be - were too cluttered and too complicated to use. I set out a goal to design and develop the “right” solution for this problem and RadioApp is the result. My approach for developing and designing apps is to simplify the experience as much as possible, stripping away any potential user facing complexities. This means also obscuring all features that are not vital _without_ hurting their accessibility. RadioApp was no exception. The “frequency slider” is my favorite part. It will only show and magnet relevant frequencies. …And you can add multiple countries (!) at the same time, which is a completely unique and funky experience to discover radio stations, as it appears. In the end, this semi-skeuomorphic design made the app a much more predictable apparatus. For example, opening the app and having it auto-play seems natural and just right. Other “hidden” features you might want to be aware of: Favorites sync to iCloud. Favorites can be accessed via Force Touch, or from Spotlight. If a station’s URL stops working, you can be notified when it comes back. I’d love to hear your feedback or answer your questions! Tal
$17 - that's a little steep...
@matijaabicic Thanks for the feedback. I know that may sound a little steep at first, but all things considered I don't think it's outrageous. This is crucial to get right in order to be able to actually provide support for the app. Anyway, I hope that soon we will enable more features for the free version and also decrease the price.

I use it everyday!!!


Easy to use, beautiful design



I like radio and this app is wonderfull!