A new way of asking for feedback and helping your customers

Quriobot is a more human and more fun alternative to webforms like questionnaires, contact pages and even filters in a webshop.

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Hey PH! Guy here from Quriobot! 👋 Quriobot is a new way of asking for feedback, a replacement for static (contact) forms and a friendly way of helping your customers find what they are looking for. After months of hard work, we have now launched the Quriobot Control Room so everyone can build a friendly chatbot in a jiffy. Hopefully, Quriobot can help you increase conversion from your website or lower the barrier for people to share their feedback with you! 😎 Would love to hear your thoughts! 👍 #99problemsbutabotaint1
@guykessels Great hashtag 👏🏽👏🏽
@abadesi Thanks, we put a lot of thought in that one 😄
Love it, great work guys! Simplicity makes it so user friendly!
@roy_joling Thanks Roy, that's great to hear! 👊
Loved this product from the first go. Extremely well designed, simple and intuitive UI.
@gaurav_narula Thanks Gaurav, it's much appreciated!

Loved it!


Simple, comprehensive and tailor made


Room for more tailor made content

easy to use on all my websites




make it a bit more slick