Instant collaborative playlists for informal gatherings

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Hi Hunters! My name is Matt Bridges, and I've been working on Qup as a side project with my coworkers for a few months. When we listen to music together, it's frustrating when multiple people want to play songs, but they have to fight over the aux cable. We created Qup as a way to make it easy to set up an instant collaborative queue. One person connects to a speaker and logs in with Spotify (the "qupholder"), and the rest of the people can add any Spotify track. We wanted Qup to be as easy and frictionless to set up as possible, so we used iBeacons as a mechanism for joining a Qup. As long as your phone is in range of the "qupholder," you'll detect the Qup and be able to join – no invite codes, Facebook logins, or ugly QR codes. iBeacons also gave us some added benefits of being able to send push notifications when you walk into a room where there's a Qup, and also leverages the iOS 8 lockscreen icon. I would love to answer any questions you have about Qup and how we made it!
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@rrridges This looks SICK. #RaiseYourQup
@stedmanblake Thanks! PlateJoy looks really nice too, great execution.
@rrridges Is there a limit on how many people can join a Qup?
@epicjackson We haven't enforced a limit yet, mostly because we haven't had to. I've had Qups as large as 50 people without any issues so far. The limiting factor is that to join the Qup you have to be within Bluetooth range of the qupholder, so generally one large room.
The aux cable struggle is real
Any work being done to integrate something like Twilio into this so people who don't have the app can still participate? I'm always looking for a good one of these apps and this seems like it, if it had a text-based option for those less download-prone.