Quik will create a perfect video from your footage, connected and synced with music. It selects the best moments from your videos and pictures, then puts them together in a choice of 26 video styles. It comes with really cool features of adding transitions, text, effects and much more. Share with your friends your unique videos made with Quik!

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I grew up filming EVERYTHING with my 8mm camcorder, clumsily editing them with my VHS player. Kids have it so easy now days. 😊
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@rrhoover yeah they do. My school video projects back then would've looked like HBO documentaries nowadays.
@rrhoover so true! It would've looked like I spent a whole year on a class project with something like this or Showbox when in reality it could take less than a few minutes lol..
@rrhoover same here but we had cut/splice ( glue ) ;)
@jaredepicpower @rrhoover - would be so awesome to have "reactions" (a la FB) to comments - this one is point! and also makes me LOL :P
Tried this earlier today. For those familiar with Google Photo's "Magic Movie Maker" (for lack of a better name), it's pretty much that but better! You can either choose the videos and let the app do it's magic or take over with a very granular control and deep app. I was surprised at how good the app is at syncing transitions with the music.
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GoPro has been evolving from a hardware company into a media brand. I'm curious where software -- apps that are technically independent from both -- fit into their overall strategy. @mthblt, @matthieurouif @im_yugs P.S. Nice write-up on The Verge by @sokane1.
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Cool, making video editing simple is a necessity now. Can you imagine all the cool content around the world that can be produced with this kind of tool?! AWESOME!
@gabrielreynard Totally - the movie creation puzzle is finally piecing itself together! You should check out our take with actvt.com on it with just a pinch of creative control at the beginning of the process to help you focus on the story - while we automate the rest. And direct GoPro integration too :)
Am going to Bali with my brother soon and I am still yet to complete my India video from my GoPro - maybe I'll give this app a go for the Bali trip and see how I get on :)
@bentossell It will ! Definately great for edditing on the Go and keeping nice holiday memories. It's so easy it might convince you to forget your adobe premiere pro project you've started month ago and never finished ;)