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Quettra Portrait helps you personalize your mobile app to each user's perferences. They also plug into your existing push notification tools and help you rengage users with more targeted messages. Tools to personalize the user experience on mobile apps are uncommon. This has the potential to be very valuable to all mobile app developers.
@hnshah Thank you for posting this, Hiten. We're excited to finally open this to up to more developers. One of the things we're focused on is trying to reduce the friction that currently exists to truly makes mobile apps/content personal. Look forward to the PH community's ideas & feedback. For anyone that signs up during our public beta, we are offering the first 6 months of the service (potentially more) for free.
I've actually been using this and It helps me make a better app for my users.
Added to my User Retention collection: http://www.producthunt.com/@anuj...
I can see this being extremely useful for app developers to drive up engagement. Quick question: For a developer integrating this, do they have to provide any data back into the system to get user portraits?
@ankurnagpal Great question Ankur. The implementation of Quettra Portrait is such that it doesn't require the developer to provide any data about its users to Quettra. The SDK uses the device's app graph to build a portrait of the user so their experience can be personalized!
@jain_ankit @ankurnagpal Wait, what? Your sdk goes through a list of apps on my phone to get my interests graph? This sounds pretty cool but there's no information about this at your website, made me dropoff after registration. Would love to learn more, is there a detailed faq on this?
@arturkiulian @ankurnagpal Artur, you can find this under our FAQ at https://www.quettra.com/faq/port.... Thank you.
Using Quettra since a month, looking forward to check out the new features!