Easily save money through fun challenges and goals

QUBER has taken the old-school way of saving money in a jar and brought it into a mobile app. Create saving rules to roundup purchases , save % of deposits, or challenge yourself to spend less on impulse and automatically move money to your digital jar. Quber makes saving money top of mind and supports Financial Institutions across Canada.

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Understand your spend habits. ease to understand money-in / money-out ; no complex charts etc.


Goal based, Easy to use. Automated money movement. Connects with major Canadian banks and give recommendations on how to achieve your goals.


Currently works with Canadian banks only

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Hi PH! This is Jen, Co-Founder of QUBER. Quber is an app created to help Canadians (for now) save and manage your money. Typical budgeting tools give you an overview of where you spent your money, but QUBER was made to help you keep your finances top of mind and make savings part of your every day habits. QUBER was designed to be easy, and was made for people who struggle to make the best financial decisions - maybe what you really want is to go down south during our cold winter months, but you are impulsively spending your money on things you don't need and can never seem to afford it. We help you focus on your goals, in the form of saving jars, then guide you through creating saving rules so money can move into your jars. We also show you your money in and money out for the month, so you can stay on top of where your money is going. We are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback on QUBER, happy saving to you!
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Great job!!😊
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@ayush_chandra Thank you for your support!
Forgot to mention - create your first jar by April 30th for a chance to win $250 CAD towards your goal! See details on our website.
Interesting! Just curious, how Quber is different from Qapital?
@kunalbodke thanks for your question! QUBER and Qapital share similar features however QUBER supports 9 Canadian Financial Institutions - TD, RBC, National Bank, Desjardins/UNI, Tangerine, Scotiabank, CIBC, Capital One, and BMO. We hope you'll give it a try if you have a Canadian bank.