An ephemeral Twitter.

Quacku is a status app which lets you tell the world what you are doing right now. It's an ephemeral status app, where your every new status overwrites the previous status.
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@vsnthv love this, reminds me of Brizzly lol :) What I'd love more and what would make me use it would be an option to login and integrate with Twitter so I can crosspost from Quacku to Twitter and whatever I post from Quacku to Twitter would auto-delete itself later. Is that possible? ๐Ÿ‘€
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@vsnthv @amrith To me that sounds like a pretty complicated twist on the purpose of this app... however I'm not the maker. Let's see.
@amrith ahh, it's not possible to do in the current state.
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@vsnthv @mickc79 I'd rather share something to my existing audience that post something that almost nobody would see ๐Ÿ˜…
@vsnthv @amrith and THAT.... is the problem that every new social network faces. I don't think many things are insurmountable in life but I think establishing a NEW stand alone social network may be impossible in the era of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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@amrith you can write an IFTTT rule yourself to serve you on Twitter. @vsnthv See what I was saying about โ€œa bird that tweetsโ€? All sorts of misplaced associations..
I had the exact same idea a few years ago and eventually launched a mobile app for both iOS and Android which you can still find here. (http://dwinkapp.com) It's not really being maintained anymore though :( However, I still think it's an awesome idea as people need to find a way to express themselves easily without the social pressure of thinking what needs to be shared. Best of luck to you!
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?makers Partial search would be a good idea (I got no hits on "vasan" for example). I like the concept tho! :)
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pretty nice idea, shiposting revolutioned :)
How do you find other people?
@mickc79 Currently search is the only way.
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@vsnthv Cool thanks. I love the concept here but I'm not finding it very useful in its current state. I'll check back in a few weeks.
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@vsnthv @mickc79 I agree with Mick on this one, I think that maybe it should give a few recommendations on who to follow, if that's even possible? Because right now I feel pretty lonely in there. Btw, nice starting idea, strange name.