QR code that shows a different URL based on where you scan

#2 Product of the WeekAugust 14, 2019
Multi URL QR codes allow you to redirect the user from "one" single QR code to different URL's depending on user their specific location! This can be done on a city/ country level. Super useful on packaging or to tailor your marketing efforts per country.
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That's creative. What type of use cases have you see or imagine, @benjamin_cl?
@rrhoover I see Multi URL QR codes most used in offline advertising, packaging and retail, but I'm sure there are many other uses cases that could be possible.
QR codes are a powerful tool and spreading quick worldwide, we of QRzebra made a system that redirects users that scan instantly after they scan based on: - The location of the user (city/country) - Time of scan ( 3PM - 4PM, ...) - Amount of scans Multi URL QR codes are more interesting to use as a marketing tool as they can do diverse things, for the scanner nothing changes, they scan one QR code. On top you can track data of of each scan as Multi URL QR codes are dynamic QR code. Even if the QR code is created and printed you can still add more locations or change the URL behind a specific location you added! A first brand that makes use of the Multi URL QR codes is Universal. QR codes give a digital dimension to your promotional material, they are the gate to your web page, e-commerce, landing page. Many brands still need to discover how powerful QR codes can be for their business.
@benjamin_cl Hi Benjamin! quick question, its possible to set the geo tag by smaller criteria (p.e town/ neighborhood, and so? also, this is available outside U.S. ?
Look interesting but do you have voucher capability? Meaning I can generate a QR campaign delivered ideally via email for redemption in store. Once used, the code becomes invalid.
@sergeykrylov well it can be connected to any URL, for now Multi URL is made it can be used in the most flexible way by any brand. That means vouchers can be linked to it.
Smart tool, I see many use cases for multi URL QR codes and in the end a good tool is about the different uses it can provide.
@jacksonarmstrong Thanks Jackson, happy you like it!
@benjamin_cl Can you with a multi URL QR code once it's created add more locations or not?
@jacksonarmstrong Yes you can, in our system you can add and delete new locations at anytime, that's the power of Multi URL QR codes as they are dynamic QR codes.
@jacksonarmstrong @benjamin_cl That's great. The ability to add more urls as you go increases its usefulness significantly.
I just had a look on your website, nice done, really like your smooth UI and the fact you can customize your QR codes. Makes them look very different then the traditional black/white QR codes.
@barbling Thanks we did hard our best to make a great product!