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This is cheating!
Hilarious is up to you to decide... and also based on your humour haha. @andreasklinger you'll appreciate this p.s. I'm the pun master at PH. Now I have a handy resource if I ever get stuck
@bentossell I want to believe this is where you get all your inspiration.
@bentossell Time to admit that you're the maker of this 😹
@matthieudeluze hahaha can't take any credit whatsoever! Name is Samuel Taylor but can't find him on the socials :(
@bentossell It seems "A pun has no name" ... ;)
@bentossell @matthieudeluze Never mind, I'll find Samuel like you I wish nothing but the best for you
Would love if this was a GET request and then I could share the URL with friends
Hahah, this is awesome. Slightly disappointed @BenTossell didn't use a pun in the product description.
@avizuber you live and you learn
This is by far the best way to start my week ha! The word-smith in me is rejoicing πŸ˜‚