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#4 Product of the DayJune 13, 2019
πŸ€” Are you starting a new #Frontend Project?
πŸ™ˆ You don't want to collect data for a test #API?
πŸš€ Are you looking for just the right, freely available data?
Then this is your friend and saviour. #build #ship
  • Osamah Aldoaiss
    Osamah AldoaissFrontend Developer

    + Perfect if you want to get some dummy data, while developing your project + Well Designed and good UI + Easy to add new APIs


    - Add a Category for GraphQL APIs

    I have been beta testing the website and I found a lot of cool and easy to use APIs. It made it possible for me to just start coding and use dummy data instead of spending days building a Backend, that I might still change.

    Osamah Aldoaiss has used this product for one month.
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  • Musharof Chowdhury
    Musharof ChowdhuryFounder, GrayGrids

    Great collection of public APIs, Much improved UI/UX & search, Well-optimized and Fast loading.


    Can't find any

    I hope, you will keep improving and add new APIs frequently.

    Musharof Chowdhury has used this product for one week.
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Hello PH πŸ‘‹, Finally Public APIs 2.0 Done and Re-hunting for you guys. This time I fully re-design and add some powerful features. Like: ⚑ Blazing fast loading time for every page. πŸ” Advanced Search with Algolia. ❀️ Nice and simple design with APIs logo. πŸ“¦ Top collection of APIs in some categories. πŸ’¬ Comment Box on every APIs page. So, now you can discuss your ideas there. πŸ’Ύ Save your favorite APIs into your profile. Yess!!! Try this new experience and let me know your feedback and thoughts here. Special Thanks @iamarnob6543 for the logo and my best friend online @fajarsiddiq and Makerlog Community for support new makers.
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@mddanishyusuf Congratulations Danish on your launch! Really dig the algolia search and i just submitted more API. πŸ€—
@fajarsiddiq Thanks My brother.
Special Thanks @iamarnob6543 for the logo and my best friend online @fajarsiddiq and Makerlog Community for support new makers.
@mddanishyusuf @fajarsiddiq Been using algolia since 2013 and have to say - AMAZING platform. Also for those who want to use Algolia, the FoundersClub has a $1000 credt to start!
Love the 2.0 version with updated library of public APIs. The category search is also fast and convenient! Well done @mddanishyusuf !
@whizzzoe Thanks Zoe. I'm happy you like the new version.
Congrats on the launch @mddanishyusuf πŸ‘πŸ½ Been following you working on this for a month now and I'm happy you got it released. Great effort building this πŸ‘πŸ½
@osamah_aldoaiss Thanks I'm happy you love my work.
Hey guys. Great work @mddanishyusufπŸ‘ I wanted to point out a slight typo. View snapshot below. "Similir" should be "Similar"
@mddanishyusuf Couldnt find anywjere on site to report the bug - Not sure if that is either untrue or if you should consider adding it?
@bmweinstein Thanks. Yes, currently we have telegram group for real time chat and bug report. But I noted your point. Will do something for this. Thanks for your feedback. I just push the changes.
@mddanishyusuf Awsome, can you share the Telegram link please!
πŸ™Thank you
It seems to be down now. There's a similar (or identical?) catalog here:
@josemore Yes, this web build on the top on this repo and now we also getting request to add APIs. what is the problem to make UI for existing repository. With this web app you can easily find your apis.